The Coca Cola Company is not at his first attempt when it comes to collaborating with famous fashion designers. In 2011, Karl Lagerfeld imagined a new design bottle for Diet Coke  which was a huge success. This time the firm decided to work together with Jean Paul Gaultier, wild French designer, to create limited editions of Diet Coke bottles.

©Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke “Bottles”-

The partnership gave birth to three limited editions of Diet Coke bottles, each one having their own strong inspiration and identity.

“Day” bottle is an easy-to-wear design, directly inspired from Jean Paul Gaultier’s famous Breton stripes. The “Day Bottle” can boast a nature and retro charm which is really seducing and attractive.

The “Night” bottle is way sexier and sophisticated, quite close to what you might call “porno chic”. Its features a lace corset, the legendary cone bra and fishnet stockings.

Tattoo’ bottle was launched more recently, to complete the two others editions. This bottle is made of a giant tribal tattoo, which makes the bottle look wild and rock ‘roll. It reminds of Jean Paul Gaulthier’s fascination for tattoos, as he has just signed a new collection of home furnishing fabrics in collaboration with French Brand Lelievre only made of tattoo design.
©Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke “Bottles”-

The designs of the bottles are strongly inspired by JPG’s atmosphere: extravagant, crazy, colorful, and sometimes, let’s admit it, a bit disturbing. We really can recognize in these bottle the whirlwind of emotions and sensuality which makes JPG’s style so remarkable and unforgettable.

The three editions of bottles will be available in shops such as Colette and Monoprix in France, but also in 9 other European countries. You can also buy them in a collector box, featuring a Night and a Day bottles, a nice glass with the “mariniere” stripes. It is sold on the website of French concept store Colette.

©Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke “Coffret”-

To sum up: Collaboration between a communication expert brand and the master of the provocative and eccentric style could only give an outstanding result. Moreover it allows you to show your fashion side simply by drinking Coca Cola. Cheers everyone!

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