Christmas is just a few week away. Everyone is so excited to prepare decorations, gifts and parties for this celebrated festival. Gourmet is one of the indispensable elements. What kind of food is representing the holiday?

Italian Christmas Taste
Panettone is a type of sweet bread loaf originally from Milan, which Italians love to have one to celebrate the Christmas day. In Hong Kong, you can find different sizes and flavours in supermarkets. Try Italians’ taste!

Never miss the Turkey!
Turkey is the Christmas tradition that you can never forget. Check out how to cook the perfect turkey here!

A Gingerbread Story
Gingerbread man is a Christmas icon. Other than a human figure, you can shape gingerbread to different images, like a house, a Christmas tree, a lucky star and everything you can think of, to create a gingerbread story.

Dressed with Candy Cane
Candy cane, also named as peppermint stick, is another icon of the festival. It is traditionally white with red stripes, but now you may see different colors and flavors. Candy cane can be a snack, and also an addition of your hot chocolate cup.

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