Christmas Decor Ideas At HomeWith apologies to Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or non-shopping single readers it’s December, so the momentary madness that comes with Christmas is descending. Fast. Chances are if you want to, you haven’t gotten around to picking up some new ornaments, finding a wreath or outfitting the living room tastefully yet festively. This despite seeing reminders in every store since Halloween (tip: get a turkey now!). And we’re not going to mention the dreaded Christmas shopping—which online retailing has done nothing to help.

Never fear, as the city’s major interiors retailers are here to help. Yes, we’d all love to have a pewter star hand-welded by Quakers atop the tree but there’s just no time. Start your search for a pulled together Christmas table at Indigo, where Copenhagen’s Green Gate line and youthful, playful red and white toned tableware set the mood. Ornaments range from delicate silver and red traditional baubles (many of which seem to glitter), to Scandinavian designed motifs as well as plush additions if there are small children to worry about. Candles and votives in Christmas-y colours as well as Indigo’s preferred purples (for winter) round out the seasonal additions.

The budget conscious (or for those whom it is not necessarily the season to be jolly) should head over to stalwart IKEA for a selection of artificial trees and all the gear for your impromptu (or otherwise) parties. You can minimise clean-up and be festive with the seasonal Snofint napkins and awesome matching breadbasket and a few cushion covers. The store is also trading in its Scandinavian roots by offering a range of soft toys, novel gifts for kids based on classic fairy stories — $10 from each purchase also goes to UNICEF. And really, the Liamaria slippers are cheerful and cosy and could make a fun gift with the complementing bed linens. Hey, they’re better than another Christmas sweater with reindeer on the front.

If you or someone you’re shopping for is environmentally conscientious, TREE’s annual offerings are both stylish and sustainable. The popular Australian Sniff eco-soy candles welcome Snow Kitten (bergamot, violet and musk), Spiced Orange (orange, vanilla, cranberry and spices), Iced Gingerbread (citrus rind, ginger, nutmeg, honey) and — naturally — Christmas Tree (berries, Siberian fir, moss, cedar) are designed to add an olfactory boost to the season. TREE’s decorations for the, uh, tree are made from eco-friendly recycled paper and include Santa, reindeer, snowmen, angels and penguins. And the eco-boutique’s favourite bone china candle holders come in eight designs that each give off a unique light pattern that sets a warm and welcoming mood for December and beyond.

Lastly Christmas is supposed to be a time for giving; it’s not all “Me, me, me.” What Tequila Kola lacks in Christmas-specific décor it makes up for in interiors gifts for almost everyone. Picture frames, cushions — for the bachelor pad (geometric blues and blacks), the swanky (Italian velvet jacquard) and the wilder (safari prints in black-and-white and neutral browns) among us as a start — desk organisers, all manner of storage boxes and a melting clock are among TK’s creative gift ideas at a range of price levels. Best of all? Three of these stores can be found clustered in Horizon Plaza for serious one-stop shopping. Beat that Internet.