Chiu Tsang Hei loves music, and music loves him. He is an all-round musician, a talented composer, arranger, producer, concert director and movie score composer. As one of the judges of The Voice, he won the hearts of millions of audience.

When it comes to music, many would think of Do Re Mi. Chiu’s attitude towards life, however, reminds me of another set of Do Re Mi—Domestic, Rejoice and Mix & Match. He is a family man, in love with his domestic life, as well as local music and local construction materials. Being married for many years, he believes that a house is not a home without his beloved family members. ‘Home is just a place, family is what makes a house a home’. He studied classical piano as a kid, and fell in love with Chopin, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff and Ravel. However, his love for music is not limited to a certain time period or continent—he loves the music of Japanese singer-songwriter Koji Tamaki, and he definitely adores our local music guru George Lam.

Chiu also appreciates architectures that make good use of local materials. He visited the Shaolin Temple last year, and was amazed by the buildings built with rocks from the local quarry. The ancient appearance of the buildings fits in with the natural surroundings seamlessly. Elegant and beautiful, the buildings are also environmentally friendly as the use of local construction materials minimizes the carbon footprint created in the process of transportation. It is undoubtedly one of the best ‘interior designs’ of our home planet.

He applies a Mix & Match approach with his source of rejoicings and his work. He loves performing on stage the most among his multiple roles. That is the reason why he comes out of the backstage and goes onstage to put on a great show himself. He used to be the minds behind singers, but now he is producing concerts according to his wishes—and he has done wonders with the critically acclaimed Chiu Tsang Hei Life In Concert and his collaboration with Kit Chan last year. He is a huge fan of George Lam, and he dreams of composing his own version of George’s classics. This prompted his collaboration with George Lam in A Mix & Match Concert with George Lam & Chiu Tsang Hei. It is not easy to find someone who you can truly communicate with, someone who share your vision and taste, but the overwhelming responses from the highly impressed audience showed Chiu that he has found them.

Chiu said that the key to a quality life is the pursuit of happiness, and I believe that he is on the right path, with the music he loves as his guide.

Extracted from Squarefoot – Luxe Indulgence Magazine
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