2015 will be a good year for career – due to the appearance of a lucky star in your path, you will receive help from an influential individual who may increase your business and fortune. In order to minimize accidents or bad luck this year, experts recommends year of the Rat people to participate in more charity and use this opportunity to increase your lucky energy.

However, year of the Rat people need to be aware of their finances and spending this year, as the unlucky star may cause overspending. In terms of romance, couples should avoid a third person entering their relationship and interfering with it, while single people may find their other half this year. In order to reduce negative energy, experts recommend going to the temple to wish the bad luck away.

This year will be a year of change for year of the Ox, but change isn’t always a bad thing, as you may find new opportunities in changing situations. If you can make a positive change in life, you can use it to change your luck this year.

A few examples of good changes are marriage, children and buying property. If you want to minimize the negative energy in your life, experts recommend year of the Ox people to celebrate new changes in life. However, year of the Ox people need to be aware of their finances this year, as the unlucky star may cause them to experience problems in investment.

Year of the Tiger people are in luck this year – due to two lucky stars aligned in your path, you’ll receive help from influential individuals in business and career. Due to this phenomenon, a promotion or pay rise may become a reality this year.

Other than career, the lucky star will also positively affect your romantic relationships – mature couples may have plans for marriage and children, while young couples may take their new relationship to the next level. You may encounter some problems this year, but the lucky star will help you overcome hardship and succeed in the end. However, year of the Tiger people should avoid high risk activities this year and be careful during their travels.

2015 will be a good year for career, but before experiencing positive change in your career, you’ll encounter certain challenges before succeeding this year. After overcoming the difficulties, you may have a chance to develop your leadership skills, increase authority at work or receive a promotion.

However, year of the Rabbit people need to be careful when driving or participating in high risk activities, as they will be more prone to injuries and accidents this year. In terms of romance, couples may experience some problems in their relationship, such as miscommunication. As long as you communicate with your partner in an open and honest manner, you’ll easily overcome these problems in your relationship.