The Lunar New Year of the Horse is fast approaching and to help you present an auspicious and blessed start to your friends and family, GREAT has specially prepared a series of wonderful offerings, including bountiful hampers, gift box sets and fresh fruit selections. To celebrate the Chinese New Year with GREAT, please come and visit from today until January 31, 2014.

Bountiful Hampers Come With Good Wishes

To bestow your best wishes for the Chinese New Year to your loved ones, GREAT presents you with several different bountiful hampers. Priced from HK$588 to HK$2,888, each hamper comes full of New Year’s blessings, wishing your friends and family an excellent start to the Year of the Horse.

Treasured Gratitude (CNY Price $2,888)

Treasured Gratitude is the definitive hamper, containing more than ten different delicacies, including abalone, cordyceps, birds nest, red wine, and much more, blessing you with good health and ample food for the coming year.

Festive Greetings (CNY Price $1,088)

Festive Greetings contains a variety of New Year candy, fresh fruit, red wine, and much more. It comes full of good wishes and blessings for your loved ones, presenting them with love and warmth for the New Year.

Sweet Japanese Fruit Set

GREAT has also imported fresh, sweet apple gift sets directly from Japan, price from HK$288 to HK$498, each bearing a printed message on top. The Printed Kinsei Apple and Mutsu Apple box set contains golden Kinsei apples with a soft, sweet taste, and rosy red Mutsu apples that boast a rich taste, both from Aomori. Apples are high in fiber and vitamins, blessing everyone with good health in the Year of the Horse!

New Year Gift Set With The Best Blessing

To mark the beginning of a new lunar year, the Chinese will send out a gift to offer blessing to their friends and family for the coming year. GREAT has provided a variety of New Year gifts for your selection, from ginseng and dried seafood or traditional tea sets, to modern cookie box sets or cake sets, with all gifts suitable for everyone from children to the elderly. Visit GREAT to select the best gift and pass on your joy and blessings for the New Year!

To make your shopping experience easier, we’ve created a dedicated Chinese New Year Hampers section at our website, where you can now place multiple hamper orders and delivery to your beloved ones at your own leisure. Please visit