For those looking to improve their health with the ancient practice of traditional Chinese medicine, look no further than Ko Shing Street. Situated in Sheung Wan near the pier, Ko Shing street has over 100 years of history in herbal medicine trade and the shopowners there have earned a respectable reputation as experts in the field.

Chinese medicine

Due to the street’s long extensive history with Chinese medicine, Ko Shing street has become known as “Medicine Street”. Despite the city’s fast-paced urban development and modernization, it seems as if Ko Shing street has hit the pause button and maintained a piece of ancient Chinese history. While strolling on the street, visitors can discover the ancient practice of Chinese medicine by seeing medical doctors weighing the ingredients with antique scales and calculating with an abacus.

Local and Chinese people may be familiar with the benefits of Chinese medicine, but more and more foreigners are turning to this medicine practice due to the use of natural ingredients and holistic approach in treating the human body. While Western medicine is renowned for producing a fast and direct cure by focusing on a specific body part, Chinese medicine adopts a holistic approach by looking at the interconnected systems of the body and preventing diseases and health problems in the long run. Although some people may criticize Chinese medicine’s effects as being slow and unfocused, it can actually produce long term health benefits for the patient.

Sundry foods

Other than Chinese medicine, visitors can also find a vast array of sundry foods on Ko Shing street, such as dried seafood (used in traditional Chinese health foods), ginseng, bird’s nest products and shark fins. For those interested in visiting the renowned Medicine Street, the most convenient way to get there is to take a tram heading towards Kennedy town or Whitty Street direction in Central. Get off at Eastern street, then simply walk along Des Voeux Road West to arrive at Ko Shing street.