(Hong Kong, 20 March 2015) – Chinachem Group (the “Group”) and the world-renowned artist Professor Dominic Man-Kit Lam cooperate for the first time to hold an inaugural art exhibition – “Life in Plentitude”. The event will be held at Chinachem Group’s new residential project – “Eden Gate” in Kowloon Tong. The Group will make a donation to the World’s Institution of Ophthalmology to express its gratitude, and Professor Lam will gift the Group two of his works to be displayed at Eden Gate.

The exhibition showcases 22 pieces of Professor Lam’s masterpieces, including transcript of “A Galaxy on Earth”, which is permanently displayed at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, and 2 sets of sculptures produced under the guidance of Lam’s mentor, master sculptor Ju Ming. The exhibition will run from today through 21 June 2015. Exhibition brochure and further details are available on the Group’s website www.chinachemgroup.hk.

Mr. Sunny Yeung, Group Executive Director and CEO, Chinachem Group, remarked, “We’re filled with great honour to have Professor Lam exhibit his fine works. As an academic extraordinaire, Professor Lam the scientist took his gifts to Harvard where he was appointed Assistant Professor at a mere 24 years of age. There, he achieved unprecedented breakthroughs in his scientific endeavours, acquiring over 17 international patents during his tenure there. Professor Lam the artist, as well as the philanthropist, applies the same mastery to painting as a springboard for his artistic consciousness. During ophthalmologic research, his finely honed observation skills helped in the revelation of a certain colour reaction on photographic paper, subsequently leading to the dawn of a new painting method the “Chromoskedasic Painting”, also called “NanoArt”. Recognition and accolades were the natural order, as numerous international distinctions were bestowed upon him. Quite literally, Professor Lam is a luminary of the artistic world, integrating his diversity of talents to conjure new form of light in contemporary art. He devises his own expression, and therein lies his originality, bringing with it world-wide admiration. He was selected as one of 99 most accomplished and influential artists in China in the 20th century by Chinese Academy of Art, the Artist Association of China and the National Palace Museum, and one of eight most influential artists in Hong Kong history by Professor Laurence Chi-Sing Tam, the Founding Chief Curator of Hong Kong Museum of Art.”

Yeung continues, “Eden Gate, the luxurious development situated in Kowloon Tong is a good example of sleek and elegant modern architectural design converging with the impeccable pedigree of aristocratic character, a union of two values which aligns with the company philosophy of pursuing innovation while striving for excellence. Much to our greater gratification is the privilege to cooperate with Professor Lam in organising the ‘Life in Plentitude’ art exhibition that forges the supreme artistic distillation of Professor Lam with the unequalled gentry’s elegance offered by Eden Gate. It signifies the Group’s new vision of “Maison.Art.Landscape”.

Mr. Shung-Mo Ng, Director – Sales, Chinachem Group, remarked, “the art exhibition – ‘Life in Plentitude’ will be Eden Gate’s first PR event for sales activity and we will open a furnished apartment for public viewing and release the sales arrangement shortly.” He added, “The supply of apartments or houses in Kowloon Tong is scarce and sought-after. This luxury address is particularly popular among the established manufacturers and old rich. High price sales transaction for the new property in the neighborhood is recently recorded, reflecting a strong market demand. Eden Gate’s superb Beacon Hill backdrop, abundant greenery and excellent school network is revered as the abode of the rich and elite. And with this great opportunity to work with Professor Lam, it adds a touch of artistic complexion to the development.”