Whether you are looking at decorating a new home, or just freshening up your current living space, including a lucky colour as part of your colour scheme is worth considering

Choosing the right colour for your surroundings is important in creating a harmonious living space. Any designer can give you an hour-long lecture on the power of colour. It is has been scientifically proven that our surrounding hues affect our emotions, behaviour, appetite, memory and attitude.

But the power of colour extends into feng shui studies as well. The chemistry between colour and the Chinese Zodiacs can generate additional positivity for relationships, improving your luck in interpersonal communications, career and romance.

Pairing up Lucky Colours
In feng shui studies, each of the signs has a pairing sign, a compatible complement that creates a harmonising relationship. The pairing sign is one’s lucky star in most cases, and the same goes for its associated colour. Here are the six harmonising pairs:

Determining your lucky colours starts off with looking at the colours of the pairing signs. Each of the Zodiac signs is associated with two colours and a direction. Once you get the colour right, the next step is to place the colour in the lucky direction. Remember to make reference to the matching pair colours and direction — but not your own zodiac sign. If your Zodiac sign is Rat, then Ox will be your reference colours and direction.

Boosting Relationships and Career
To improve luck in general relationships, place a yellow or brown Ox in the north-northeast (NNE) direction. If your career requires exceptional people skills, the same concept can apply in decorating the work area. An easy approach is in placing the ornament at your desk, facing the desirable direction.

Blossoming Colours for Romance
When it comes to emotions and romantic relationships, feng shui colours can also be handy.  Instead of referencing the harmonic signs, we need to make reference to our favourite: Peach Blossom Star. As mentioned in previous articles, the Peach Blossom Star is the key element in all relationship feng shui settings.

For singles needing some luck with romantic encounters, the key is to locate the Peach Blossom Star with reference to your zodiac sign. Place a vase in the shade of your lucky colour for romance in the direction of your Peach Blossom Star. This setting can increase your luck with new romances.

For couples wanting to take your relationship to the next level, put a photo of you and your partner in the designated direction. Use your Zodiac sign as a reference, and choose a photo frame with the associated romance colour to achieve optimum results.

If you are not planning a large scale re-colouring project, these colour tips can be applied to any new décor. Refresh your space and welcome another colourful summer season.