The renowned singer-turned-jewellery designer shares how to lead an enriching life through work and charity.

Famous for her beauty and love songs that touched the hearts of millions, Cally Kwong has in recent years re-invented herself as a jewellery designer. However, apart from the sparkling jewels that she carves out of precious stones, she takes equal pride in her involvements in public services. Beauty, truly, starts from within.

While Cally’s performing career has slowed down, she still leads a busy and fulfilling life. Like many dedicated entrepreneurs of the 21st century, she does not switch off work mode when she goes home. “That’s why I like my place very bright. I turn on all the lights when I’m home because it helps me think clearly, whether I’m reading or working,” she said. A keen cook, she has a white, spotless and very tidy kitchen, with a well-equipped kitchen island that allows her to entertain with her favourite vegetarian dishes.

Everything From The Heart

A devout buddhist, Cally takes a zen approach to living. She said, “our quality of life does not depend on how big the house is. You can always create the best atmosphere out of what you have because the most important thing comes from the heart. If you can live in calmness, then your house won’t ever be too small.”

Having achieved so much in her careers, one would probably think Cally could now take the time to sit back, relax and take endless vacations. Quite the opposite, however, is true. She hardly takes leisure trips and the last one was two days in Macau over Chinese New Year. “I relax by doing different things. Sleep when I am tired, and talk to people like I’m doing now. A busy life gives me nutrients for the mind. It is important to always broaden my horizons by meeting people from different walks of life.” Spas, facials and dancing provide her the occasional indulgence and help her stay healthy.

Giving Back To Society

Cally’s time is divided between taking care of her jewellery business and public services. When she travels, it is mostly for meetings or speaking engagements as she is a member of various public organisations including the CPPCC Jiangxi and dedicates herself to furthering education especially in Mainland China.

She has also recently volunteered for the Hong Kong Correctional Services Department, offering counselling for those in rehabilitation and teaching them how to cook vegetarian dishes.

“I consider myself very lucky because in both careers as a singer and jewellery designer, I bring happiness to people. It is a blessing to be healthy and have the opportunity to give back to society,” said Cally.

Extracted from Squarefoot – Luxe Indulgence Magazine 2014
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