Color up your love with fashion in Feng Shui

The “single” term tends to be negative and derogatory for many ladies in Hong Kong. Due to the media’s non-stop coverage of stories about late marriages and the tragic single life, ladies in Hong Kong have become more nervous about their relationship status.

If you want to say farewell to your single life or bring your relationship to the next level, try using colors to boost the romance factor. Let’s first take a look at the different stars of romance. “Peach Blossom Star” dominates relationships in general with people and the opposite sex, but it’s also related to personal charisma. “Red Phoenix Star” dominates big events in life, such as marriage.

We can find the two stars by examining our Chinese Zodiac sign and use the right color to enhance the energy of these stars. After all clothing represents individuality, so the best approach is to adopt the right color and wear it!

Peach Blossom Star: (General Relationships)

Red Phoenix Star: (Big Events in Life)

RAT: combination of white and blue, especially light blue
OX: Green
TIGER: Dark green
RABBIT: Aqua or dark blue with white jacket
DRAGON: beige or white
SNAKE: red or orange
HORSE: combination of light blue and white
GOAT: combination of white and yellow
MONKEY: light brown
ROASTER: combination of purple and green or red and green
DOG: combination of blue and green
PIG: combination of white and drab

Information provided by Feng Shui Master, Philip Wong.