Squarefoot’s first education seminar, themed ‘ Bringing the Next Generation a Better Life’, has been successfully held last Saturday on June 25 at Admiralty Conference Centre.

To echo many parents’ concerns about strategic lifetime planning for the next generation, Squarefoot invited a panel of experts consisting of renowned educators and experienced industry professionals to share on related topics with in-depth perspectives, covering a wide spectrum from early childhood education to bilingual learning, from overseas education to education-related investment, from combining arts and learning experiences to building personal confidence.

According to an HSBC Holdings survey, nearly 90% of Hong Kong parents have considered sending their children overseas for education; however, many of them found the expensive costs daunting. With their children’s long-term prospects in mind, parents are also counting on the promising trend that property value will continue to appreciate in several popular destinations, so it’s suggested to invest on properties in the target country for sustainable returns and relieve their financial burdens. The first speaker, Mr. Jonathan Gordon, Distribution Director of IP Global, did a comprehensive analysis on the top 3 destinations – UK, Australia and US, discussing their specific advantages and how to invest smartly based on personal expectation.

When deciding on overseas education, it’s best to get an overview of each country’s education system in advance. US ranks many parents’ top choice because of her affluent education resources and open environment. A graduate of a renowned US university with an in-depth understanding of the US education system, Ms. Grace Chan, Senior Manager of Project Department for China and overseas market from Centaline, generously shared her knowledge of the US education system and provided tips for students wanting to get into the Top 10 US schools.

Hong Kong parents always try every effort to make sure that their children have a head-start in life. According to our pre-event survey, around 60% of parents present showed a strong interest in early childhood education. In our seminar, Mrs. Shirley Mead, Superintendent of Yew Chung Education Foundation, with her many years of experience in Australia in both the government and private education sectors, shared her perspective on the benefits of bilingual learning.

This seminar has attracted many parents who are looking for practical information on child personal development. The Q&A session was highly interactive where we saw parents agilely answer questions about the speaker’s key points.

Aside from language learning, another key issue is how to spark a child’s passion for reading. Mr. Conrad Wong from Parent Club handpicked and recommended a series of high-quality storybooks which can assist parents in elevating their children’s motivation for reading.

Another popular topic of the seminar is on how to integrate arts and learning experiences in a child’s personal development. Mr. Jean-Michel Sourd, Head of French Department, Secondary Division at Diocesan Boys’ School and a Master of Art History, Archaeology and Language, shared techniques on creating an artistic and cultural environment for children. We also have senior trainer Mrs. Cathleen Luk from Dunn’s Education to talk about practical approaches for building up a child’s confidence and oral skills.