Cycling is the new walking and bicycles are the new shoes. We all want to be healthy and save the planet, but we also need to get from A to B. With the resurgence of pedal-power, bicycles, bike accessories, and bicycle-inspired design is exploding. HG Wells said, “Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.” With that in mind, enjoy this pleasant round up of cycle delights.

Viks Commuter Bicycle

This bike is tough, reliable, sturdy, and (in its own way) beautiful. This solid cycling machine is made entirely from stainless steel tubes and is vaguely reminiscent of racing-style motorcycles. Estonian engineer Indrek Narusk has created the fixed gear vehicle with streamlined aesthetics to be used day in day out, rain or shine.

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Very Nice Bike Rack

These in-home bike racks appeal to two types of people. Those who don’t have space to tuck a bike away outside the apartment, or those who love their bikes so much they want it permanently displayed in the living area. Either way, these minimalist racks are hand crafted in wood and allow you to stylishly bring your favourite two-wheeled vehicle inside.

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Clever Bicycle

Here’s a bike for the 21st Century. By attaching Helios Bars to your bicycling, you are affectively giving it a brain. Inside the sleek design is a GPS system that tracks your every move, Bluetooth-controlled lights and indicators, and if you insert a SIM card it can even phone home its location if you’ve forgotten where you left it.

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Upcycled Wall-mounts

Andreas Scheiger’s upcycle fetish is cycling, upcycling and recycling. Resembling a bike graveyard, she uses old bicycle handlebars, seats and other bits and bobs to make an extensive range of coat hooks and wall mounts. The pieces are reminiscent of hunting trophies or Picasso’s Bull’s Head — but lovelier because they are made from bikes.

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Bicycle Café

Zurich is anticipating it’s own bicycle revolution over the next few years and is determined to be ready for it. The Velokafi project sets up convenient bike cafés at which you don’t even have to get off your bike to enjoy a cup of coffee. Cyclists simply ride in and wedge their front wheel into the slot with no need to leave their saddle. Great if you’re concerned about leaving your bike unattended. Not great if your bum is already sore from cycling around all day.

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Bicycle Fountain

A forgotten old bicycle left in a rusty bike rack has a hidden surprise. Street artist Brad Downey is pesky with water — pumping it through unexpected places, forcing us to rethink the way we look at everyday objects. In this piece, entitled Fountain, water spontaneously jets from the bicycles handlebars and shoots into the nearby canal.

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