Italian inspiration and innovation descends on GREAT , where Hong Kongers can enjoy quality, artisan-crafted Italian creations from now through May 15, 2014.

Traditional Italian Condiments with new innovation

Galateo & Friends, the Balsamic Drops – small pearls of jellied Modena balsamic vinegar – are made using a molecular gastronomy technique called spherification, which transforms the way food looks and its uses, while keeping the flavour and nutritional aspects.

Le Tamerici’s vegetable preserves and fruit mustards – an Italian delicacy of candied fruit in mustard-oil syrup – are ideal to accompany cheeses. White Watermelon Mustard pairs with strong cheeses such as Castelmagno from Piedmont, and also charcuterie. Fig Mustard matches blue cheeses or liver pâté.

Olive oils have been a specialty of the Galantino family since 1926. Its Extra Virgin Olive Oil achieves its distinct flavour and aroma owing to a very meticulous process, which begins with picking optimally ripe olives through to washing, cold-pressing and centrifugal separation. It comes bottled in beautiful ceramic jars, individually hand-made.

Another purveyor of natural and wholly Italian-made products, 88 Italia, Olivo Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil robust and peppery, it is well-suited to drizzle on salads, vegetables and cooked fish.

Bakery Highlights

GREAT offers a Puglia-style baked potato focaccia topped with red onions, coarse sea salt and a hint of rosemary. It is traditionally eaten as a snack, but also makes a deliciously sandwich.

Millefoglie is a centuries-old dessert composed of layered puff pastry with pastry cream in between and a fondant finish. Two versions are available; one has a vanilla cream filling and slivered almonds on top, and the chocolate version is made with Chantilly cream, a fresh whipped cream flavoured with sweet Marsala wine.

Also being presented are mini Italian filled doughnuts called Bomboloni. Deep-fried, stuffed with double cream – custard and chocolate – and dusted with icing sugar.

Savoury Snack

Arancini, or rice balls, are a Sicilian specialty. It is made out of cooked, saffron-infused rice around a centre filling of Bolognese sauce and Scamorza cheese, then covered in bread crumbs and deep-fried until crisp.

To make your shopping experience easier, we’ve created a dedicated Italian Food Festival section at our website, where you can now place orders and delivery to you at your own leisure.