Established in 2013, Power Trend is a Hong Kong-based brand of ingenious and colourful tech accessories. We sat down for a chat with Zac Leung, PowerTrend’s head product designer, to find out more about his design ethos and inspiration.

Who or what originally made you want to become a product designer?
I got interested in design at an early age. I loved drawing and using my imagination and creativity. I actually wanted be a graphic designer, but changed my mind when I found out that I enjoy making models a lot more. What steered me into product design was the ability to combine artistry and logic. My aim is to create products that greatly improve our life and culture.

How do you usually go from an idea to a finished product?
Charles Kettering once famously said that “A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved”. The first step of solving a problem is to identify and define it. Throughout the design process, this problem serves me as a source of inspiration. That being said, products aren’t developed by one person; it’s collaboration between me, the product’s engineer, manager, and so on. Only by combining our skills we are able to create a successful product.

Why did you decide to design REGO, a multifunctional tracker aimed for parents?
As you are aware, there are many fitness trackers on the market, which is why we initially didn’t want to develop one… there’s just so much competition! After brainstorming a bit, we came up with the idea for an anti-loss device for parents. We wanted to offer consumers a fun, user-friendly, compact and versatile device that also works as a pedometer, sleep tracker and a camera shutter remote control. REGO enables parents to monitor their children’s activity levels and sleep quality. The anti-loss function gives parents great peace of mind, as it lets them know that their children are near. All activities can be easily accessed through our user-friendly REGO-app.

Who or what inspires you at the moment?
Just like many other people out there, I really like Apple’s designs. I love the simple, clean design and the quality of their products. At the moment, I’m reading a book about Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief design officer. This book taught me how I should try to make my designs as simple as possible, both in terms of user-experience and look. It helped me decide which features of a product should be eliminated.

What’s next for Power Trend? What types of gadgets are you developing right now?
After releasing our successful ‘Share’ gadgets, the Share Stick and Share beat, we are now developing smart home appliances and Type C products.