Balancing Interior And Exterior SpaceProfile
Can you tell us a bit about your background? Were you always interested in design?
My Honours degree is in the discipline of Urban and Regional Planning / Design. I have always been interested in interior and exterior designs. After graduation I started my career in design as an interior designer overseas as well as a real estate agent in order to familiarise myself with urban design in the private and public sectors — primarily in terms of developer practices. I studied at the University of Waterloo in Canada, and Capella Limited was founded in 2009.

You talk a great deal about interior and exterior space. How do you see the two balancing each other out?
With green movements and environmentally friendly notions in high demand in our current and future market, understanding the landscape/exterior aspects of our city is important to lifting social values. With that said, linking the green exteriors to our concrete jungle interiors and vice versa, extending our interiors to open gardens or landscape lobbies and courtyards becomes an advantage in spatial arrangement and gives balance to the daily circulations of this hectic city lifestyle. When [that’s] achieved, we are able to create sustainable designs that draw a feel of harmony between the two facets of design.

Past Projects
What’s been your most challenging or rewarding project so far?
A current landscape design project we are involved in with a local developer would probably be our most challenging to date. Not only is the size of the project significantly larger than anything we’ve worked on, but also the scope of work will include landscape designs and features as well as interior collaborations for six residential towers and public amenities including a clubhouse, retail shopping centre and other amenities.

How do you see exterior design heading in Hong Kong?
What do designers need to do more and less of?
We humbly believe exterior improvements will be more of a factor in development in Hong Kong in our future, especially with landscape design being popular in Mainland China. The trend is and will increasingly be adopted here. Already we are witnessing a lot of residential developments including ground floor landscape gardens, softscape design on podium levels and also even roof top private gardens. As designers we have always been sensitive to trends, so in that respect we should definitely continue to keep our minds or eyes open for inspirations. Additionally, we should all be cognizant of the environmentally friendly direction we are moving towards and pitch in to build a greener city / society together.

Future Projects
Where do you see Capella in five years?
Constantly working towards an excellent working environment and building an identity of a well cultured entity / company always and everyday. As far as future goals are concerned, we realistically believe resources give us the right tools to implement our clients’ design dreams. So as mentioned above we’d like to be able to pitch in to help build a greener and more harmonious living in Hong Kong. Therefore in 5 years dare we say IPO?