An amazingly diverse array of premium food from the land down under hits the shelves of GREAT Food Hall, with the opening of its annual Australian Food Festival that runs from 14 Feb till March 6, 2014.

Gourmet Cheese

Enjoyed Australia-wide, Mable’s flavour-infused cream cheese range is 100% natural without any added preservatives. This product is made using an innovative cold-mixing technique devised by the company, which hinders the natural fruit sugars from caramelising and allows each ingredient to retain its individual flavour.

On the remote Bass Straight Islands off Tasmania, the award-winning King Island Dairy crafts its cheeses by hand, using traditional methods and fresh milk from the free-range cows that graze on the island’s abundant pastures. Its full-flavoured Roaring Forties Blue Cheese, with a sweet, yet nutty flavour, is a true example of artisanal excellence.

Fruits from Australia

Through direct relationships with well-established fruit growers in Queensland, GREAT has weekly arrivals of fresh mangoes, donut peaches, blueberries, grapes, cherries, and red wax tipped eco bananas, which are sweeter, healthier and longer lasting as a result of an ecologically mindful farming system created by pioneering banana farmers Frank and Dianne Sciacca of Pacific Coast Produce.

Appleman Cider

Appleman ‘Primo’ Cider involves a blend of Pink Lady and Royal Gala apples and the same techniques used in making champagne and wine. This particularly refreshing cider achieves the fresh-picked taste of a crisp apple and just the right balance between sweetness and acidity.

Premium Fish Fillets

Synonymous with premium seafood for over 50 years, Petuna has become Tasmania’s largest seafood producer specialising in wild and farmed fish. The company grows Atlantic Salmon in the pristine waters of Macquarie Harbour, where the mix of nutrient-rich fresh river water and the Southern Ocean’s cold sea water enables a favourable fish-growing habitat.

We are bringing you over 300 items of food and wine from different regions of Australia. Come and relish the incredibly wide variety of fresh and luscious produce from this world famous gourmet paradise.To make your shopping experience easier, we’ve created a dedicated Australian Food Festival section at our website, where you can now place orders and delivery to you at your own leisure. For more details, please visit