Australia is a land of brilliant sunshine, lush natural landscapes. There’s something for everyone thanks to Australia’s wide range of delicacies. GREAT Food Hall is honored to present its Australia Food Festival from June 7th through June 27th. Enjoy a taste of the land down under with brand new Thomas Chipman Beetroot chips; James Squire Nine Tables Amber Ale, which has 155 years of history as the first Australia brewer; Fiveam Yoghurt, Black Swan Tztziki and Massel 7’S Stock Cubes Beef Style, and much more. Come to enjoy the authentic Australia delicacies.

Thomas Chipman Beetroot Chips

GREAT has Thomas Chipman Potato Chips on hand, which are the first certified organic potato chips made in Australia. New Thomas Chipman Beetroot chips use fresh beetroots mixed with natural sea salt. Each bite of Thomas Chipman Sweet Potato Chips is full of delicious sweet potato flavor.

Australia James Squire Alcohol

GREAT proudly presents James Squire, which has more than 155 years of history and is considered Australia’s first brewery. James Squire Nine Tables Amber Ale is hand crafted with a nutty, delicate taste with a distinctly fresh aroma. James Squire The Chancer Golden Ale is another classic, brewed with “Amarillo” hops for a tropical taste. Mild carbonation and a dry finish make it the ideal thirst quenching beer.

Fresh Fiveam Yoghurt

Brand new Fiveam Organic Yoghurt is made from fresh organic milk from Gippsland. The packaging is 100% recyclable to reduce the environmental pollution. Fiveam Greek Style Organic Yoghurt and Honey Cinnamon Organic Yoghurt are excellent choices, while Fiveam Orange, Lemon and Ginger Organic Yoghurt combines three different ingredients for a stunning new flavor. GREAT also offers the Fiveam Coffee Beans Smoothy for coffee lovers.

Black Swan Sauces

A family’s secret recipes are used to produce over 20 dips, aiming to offer every kind of flavor that you can imagine. Black Swan Tztziki, a flavor that originated in Greece. Black Swan Spicy Capsicum combines cream cheese, vinegar, herbs and spices, and goes great with crackers.

New Taste for Vegetarians

Want to try a delicious hot soup? Massel Cubes are made from high quality vegetable-based ingredients, which are suitable for vegetarians and those pursuing healthy dietary habits. Just add hot water to Massel 7’S Stock Cubes Beef Style to make it a healthy and nutritious soup.