The front entrance doesn’t just make and leave first impressions. It also has a direct relation to the inhabitants who reside within a home. From a feng shui perspective it’s the gateway where energy — good and bad — can come onto your property. Before you make any home purchase decision, it’s wise to know a bit about what makes a front entrance look bad.

Facing Elevators

The elevators in a residential building operate all day long and generate a great deal of energy. When positive energy gathers around the elevator lobby, the nearby flats benefit from it. Conversely, however, negative energy brings bad luck to those flats. The flow of energy at the lobby changes with time, and so does the energy around your front doorway.

Facing Long Corridors

Having the entrance directed towards a long, narrow corridor invites negativity on family matters. The longer and narrower the corridor is, the more negative energy it gathers. Placing a convex mirror at the top of the entrance is a good way to balance out the negativity.

Facing Staircases

Similarly, when the entrance is directed at a down staircase good fortune within the property easily flows out and thus affects wealth matters. Outfitting the entrance with a threshold is one remedy for this. And facing an up staircase doesn’t help; it is another source of negativity. The closer the staircase, the stronger is its negativity.

Facing Sharp Corners

A front entrance facing sharp corners brings bad luck in health matters, creating high possibilities for bloodshed or surgery. It gets even worse when the property is near a meter room, which increases the risk of heart-related diseases.

Once you minimise the negative energy around the front door, the next step is to make it more welcoming. Keeping it clean will do good for the flow of positive energy and with simple decorations, your home will certainly be as good as it gets.