Art makes all the difference in changing a blank room into a space with personality. Whether it be highbrow, lowbrow, framed art or a collage on a cork board – art is completely up to us to choose, create and appreciate. The best art is, essentially, that which makes us happy, and for this reason the options for art to decorate your home are simply endless.

Sculptures are a lovely choice, especially when highlighted with feature lighting and adequate display space. OVO in Horizon Plaza sells some beautiful art stands which will cost a pretty penny, but can be worth it for the difference that they make in highlighting a display item. Ikea has little spotlights that can be easily drilled into shelving to create dramatic down-lighting for sculptures, or other display items like vases, clocks, and flowers.

Wall art is a great option and a safer choice than sculptures if there are small toddlers around. Hanging pictures have a beautiful way of drawing the eye to a wall and can have the effect of visually opening up a space. Drilling nails into walls is a noisy process, though, and renters must be aware that they will have to return the apartment to the landlord in close to original condition – so for some, you might consider using art rails.

Art rails are traditionally used in galleries and allow for flexibility to change around and rotate art displays. They simply consist of one long bar that you can insert sliding hooks into. Since one long rail is drilled into the top of the wall by the ceiling, they do less damage to the wall than other methods of hanging. The rails can be cut to any length, so they can work for almost any home.

DIY creatives can find gorgeous local or organic items to clean up and showcase. For example, a piece of driftwood spray painted gold can turn it into a beautiful piece of artwork; old Chinese porcelain from the markets can be mounted, displayed in frames, or featured with mini spotlights for that traditional touch.

When it comes to choosing the artwork itself, there are too many options to list! For those who have an idea of the type of art they like, choices are easy. Parents can frame their children’s drawings and allow them to draw on a chalk board for dynamic daily changing art.

For those who aren’t sure what type of art they like, it’s best to have a look through some options and see what gives the most pleasure. Some people love modern art, or minimalist, others photography, fashion or lowbrow. There are people who love a picture of a Harley in bright Warhol patchwork and others who swoon over a well painted bowl of pomegranates. Some just want to fill a space while it’s also an option to print favorite images of family or places onto paper or canvas for display.

Whatever the final decision is, well-chosen art will not only attract the eye, but also inject a dash of personality and make a space more interesting.

Published on 25th February, 2014