Living in a large city is not always easy. Life in the fast lane, a stressful job and complicated social relationships can lead to a mountain of stress. Luckily in Hong Kong we have a lot of artistic gems around the city that enable us to slow down our pace of life.

Podium of the Forum, Exchange Square, Central

Have you ever noticed the monumental bronzes in between the swarms of executives when walking past the Podium of the Forum off Exchange Square in Central? They may look inconspicuous but are well known in the art circle. The life sculpture known as Single Whip was crafted by Taiwan’s renowned Ju Ming, and is part of his Tai Chi Collection. The model imitates Tai Chi style, which stresses dynamic and static balance. Another bronze at the Podium is Oval with Points by acclaimed English artist Henry Moore. The two points almost touching at the centre of a hollowed-out oval looks like a figure 8 and complement the surroundings.

K11 Mall, Tsim Sha Tsui

K11 is not just a shopping mall but also a gallery that merges the joy of art with commerce, aiming to bring art closer to the general public. Art installations, sculptures and paintings by local artists are on display regularly to support local art community while also featuring overseas exhibitions. If you are keen to sharpen your sense of art, visit K11 Select and the K11 Design Store to learn about the concept behind each stunning piece of work.

Taikoo Place

Taikoo Place has been a long-time patron of art and culture and a diversified range of visual and performing art events has been taking place in the past decade. Located on the first floor of Cornwall House is a 20,000-square foot multi-functional venue: Artisfree. From now until April 5, the venue will feature M+ Sigg Collection: Four Decades of Chinese Contemporary Art with more than 80 pieces on display.

Yau Tong MTR Station, Exit A

>Life-size sculptures can be found as easy as just stepping out of a train station. Installed right outside Exit A of Yau Tong MTR Station is a collection of six ceramic figures, with names along the lines of People Passing By and People Lazing By, crafted by noted local artist Rosanna Li Wei Han. The works illustrate people enjoying life at leisure and remind us of enjoying the beauty of a simple life.

Kwun Tong Promenade

A public open space is meant for sights and relaxation, but at the Kwun Tong Promenade Park it’s also meant for an appreciation of art. Starting at Kwun Tong Ferry Pier, the walkway boasts great views of Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, Victoria Harbour and Lei Yue Mun Strait as well as artistic models. The design stems from a mechanical crane and recycled paper bundles in commemoration of the area’s history of cargo handling.