Art is inspired from and reflected in our living. The only way to explore it is through observation in life and of course, engaging in art creation. Here are some of the city’s popular activities for you to dabble in art as a pastime.

Art Jamming

Have you ever thought of painting, but felt ashamed of your amateur drawing skills? Art jamming is here to combine art and networking in a relaxed vibe and let people paint in freestyle. Studios typically provide basics such as paint, canvas, an easel and an apron. Most play music while you paint. Guidance from instructors is optional and you can take your work home.

Recommended Workshop:
Room 101, 1 Rumsey Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
2541 8816

Leatherware Making

Sporting a luxury fashion bag is everything to do with money while hand making one is all about getting experienced. From conceiving a design, putting it on paper, cutting, piercing, sewing and finishing, every step entails patience and concentration. But once you learn to be focused, it’s getting much easier to perfect the craft.

Recommended Workshop:

Wild Kingdom
RoomB3, 2/F, Right Time Building, Playing Field Road, Prince Edward

DIY Music Box

What better way to delight your beloved ones than to hand make an original gift? Music box making is a new trend catching on. You now have the say to choose your own music and craft the case design. By the time the gift receiver plays the music, your craftsmanship and affection will permeate through it.

Recommended Workshop:
Make Centre
4B, 9/F, Ka Wing Factory Building, 19-21 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Tutu Dresses

Who says you can’t make an adorable outfit without knowing sewing? Try tutus to express your creativity and play with different colors. Tutu dresses and skirts are simple to make and many can be done with a no-sew method. All you need is a unique design to make it really stunning.

Wooden Furniture Making

Some say buying a piece of furniture is akin to purchasing a work of art. Don’t miss the chance to dabble in making bespoke furniture with experienced carpenters. With the right equipment, instruction and total determination, you can actually craft a wooden chair to sit on, safely.

Recommended Workshop:

Chingchun Warehouse
6 Fung Yi Street G/F & 11 Hok Ling Street G/F, To Kwa Wan
Chingchun Warehouse@Facebook