Anna Yau is very often associated with her poise as a host. Taking up multiple roles—including TV and radio host, writer, actress, and script writer—she dazzles the world with an air of intelligence.

Anna boasts a knowledgeable image, and that is not without a good reason. She is always learning—learning novel skills, and learning how to live. About 4 years ago, she fell in love with the game of chess—a game that was once a complete mystery to her. She simply decided that she wanted to learn about chess one day, and started googling it and learning from scratch. The game of chess is very far away from her daily life—probably the reason why the demanding game of the mind helps relieve her daily pressure. Playing the game online is a way for her to relax, even though she never won in the beginning.

After a long period of thorough study and dedication, she began to taste the sweetness of victory. Also learning from scratch, she debuted as a script writer last year. She humbly said that she is just a newcomer and there is still a lot to learn, and even though it is a process of trail and error, the sense of satisfaction is a total bliss. She loves the excitement and challenge of learning something new, and that is not confined to knowledge from books. She is hosting You are the Queen on Now TV, a show offering skincare and beauty tips, and she is constantly amazed when she learns something new about the ever evolving beauty industry. Newly wedded, she finds a whole new territory for learning—the kitchen, where she can feed her appetite for cuisine and knowledge.

People say that travelling is much more rewarding than reading. To Anna, travelling and reading are equally important—both are intriguing and have so much to offer. She loves exploring new destinations, as well as embarking on a journey of words in the worlds between the lines. Nowadays, many people choose travel over reading, but Anna is still a keen reader. She reads, no matter how busy she is. She believes that even if you just read a page or two everyday, you would have read a lot after a year. ‘Time is like toothpaste, you can always squeeze out a little if you really need to, ’she smiled. Day by day, she gains the knowledge of how to think, and how to be, in this world of chaos. What she also does day by day, is her skincare ritual. She carries out her skincare routine everyday, as she believes that the cleaning and protection of skin are equally important to men and women. It is a lifelong endeavor, and results are guaranteed if you persevere.

Anna believes that a quality life is a life with choices, and she tries her best to lead her life that way. Choosing to do what she loves, and to learn what she wishes, are her sources of radiance and happiness.

Extracted from Squarefoot – Luxe Indulgence Magazine
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