Let the Stars work for you!

Gainful Acceleration
Feng Shui can help harmonise living in your home — as well as lend a hand in selling it.

In view of the recent market boom, many property owners are looking to fortune telling to help identify the best time to sell properties and to maximise potential returns. At the same time, others have turned to Feng Shui when they were keen to accelerate the completion of deals.

In the study of Feng Shui, there are several tactics available to aid acceleration of property sales and profit maximisation. In accordance with the principles of “Flying Star,” the “One White Star” and the “Eight White Wealth Star” can help optimise and quicken returns on investment.

Attract Offerings
The “One White Star” can accelerate the energy for trade and exchange. In 2012, the star is situated in the south. In order to properly capture its energy, you can place a gold pendulum clock by south-facing windows, and it is best to keep the window open. This setting will improve your luck and lead to quick offers.

Maximise Profitability
The “Eight White Wealth Star” can help improve your luck with regard to profitability. The star of wealth is positioned in the West this year, so by putting a light fixture in the West and keeping it switched on enables you to capture its energy. Moreover, water movement decorations can further enhance its energy. A fish tank with lights is an ideal setting; alternatively, you can place a waterfall decoration with lighting fixture in the house.

Smooth the process
Selling property is never a simple process, as the complicated legal process and changes can be frustrating. According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, we can manipulate the energies of “San Bic Star” in order to smooth out the whole process.

The energy of “San Bic Star” complicates matters in relation to the law, lawsuits and arguments. This year, the star is situated in the Southwest. Simply place any red-coloured objects — such as a painting or a calendar — in the house to help hinder its adverse energy. The setting minimises possible legal complications, and as a result this eases the process and speeds up the deal.

Employing the energies of these three stars will help complete a profitable deal quickly and efficiently. If you find it too complicated, simply place an electrical fan in the East to boost the energy of change and this will improve your property selling luck. Along with the thriving market and some help from Feng Shui settings, it won’t take you long to complete a profitable deal.

Information provided by Feng Shui Master, Philip Wong. www.wonglapdei.com.hk