Meet Jaime Lim, architect slash jewellery designer at [in]trigue, her own Singapore-based label. Lim’s signature designs are defined by the use of beautiful semi-precious stones, such as aquamarine, amethyst, quartz and onyx, and simple yet strong lines. We spoke to Lim to find out how her label came into being, what inspires her to create her intriguing designs, her motto in life and more.

How and when was [in]trigue founded?
Making jewellery actually started as a hobby when I was still a university student. I handcrafted beaded jewellery as birthday presents for my friends and sold my creations on Etsy. But it was only a year ago that I decided to professionally design my own jewellery line.

How did you come up with your label’s name, [in]trigue?
I chose the name [in]trigue because I aim to to intrigue and fascinate my customers with my designs. I want them to be [in]trigued, [in]spired and [in]trend!

Most of your jewellery designs contain semi-precious and natural stones. What attracts you to working with gemstones?
The contrast of the raw shapes of the natural gemstones with the minimalist metal base celebrates the beauty of Mother Nature at her best, in my opinion. Natural gemstones are perfect in their imperfections, and because every single gemstone is different, each and every piece of jewellery I design is unique too.

Which piece of jewellery is closest to your heart?
That would be the latest addition to my jewellery collection! I got a 3.33 carat aquamarine marquise-cut stone made into a ring during my trip to Myanmar. This ring has a big significance for me, as I am born on March the 3rd, aquamarine is my birthstone and I got it for my 33rd birthday. Having a career in both architecture and jewellery designs in my thirties is a big milestone for me.

What are you most proud of in your designing career so far?
It’s most exhilarating when someone tells me that they love my designs! It’s the greatest compliment you could give a designer.

And what’s next for [in]trigue?
First of all, I hope to come up with many more intricate and unique designs. I would also like [in]trigue to go global, so everyone around the world is able to wear my jewellery!I would also like to cooperate more with communities that support a good cause, so I will be able to do what I enjoy whilst giving back to the community.

Date: 2015-09-15