As the article title suggests, here are 6 gadgets I personally think are wonderful ideas and definitely worth your investment.

Self Filling Water Bottle – Fontus Airo

Powered by solar energy, this water bottle is a condensation chamber that converts humidity extracted from the air into drinking water. When humid air flows into the device, it hits a series of hydrophobic surfaces that cause water droplets to form while a filter keeps dust, bugs and debris out.

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Portable Solar Panel – Solar Paper

With each panel weighing only 2.5 oz., this porter solar panel is thin and light-weight enough to inside a planner. It can recharge a mobile phone in about 2.5 hours and any other portable devices that use a USB cable, such as external battery, digital camera, Bluetooth speakers and tablet etc. Aside from being expandable, the solar panel is also water resistant, perfect for outdoor use.

Foot-Powered Washing Machine – Drumi

A laundry wash cycle uses an average of 15 to 28 gallons of water. Using only 2.6 gallons, this foot-powered washing machine can wash 5 to 10 pounds of clothes within just 10 minutes. Now, you can save water and electricity, wash your clothes and exercise all at the same time!

Smart Vertical Garden – Plug & Plant

Using a modular design, we can simply hang up the pre-seeded plugs and grow whatever plants we want, ranging from basil, carnation, cherry tomato to strawberry! Plus you can use the phone app to monitor the level of moisture, lighting and temperature.

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Portable Air Purifier – Wynd

Though still a Kickstarter project, I personally really look forward to this portable air purifier. It has a detachable sensor that can detect the air quality of the user’s surrounding and make adjustment to the amount of fresh air generated, and filter allergens, dust, pet dander and smoke. Perfect for the air polluted Hong Kong.

USB Rechargeable Battery – LIGHTORS

10 billion units of batteries get dumped each year worldwide, think about all that waste! This USB rechargeable battery can be fully charged within 3 hours and its lifespan is expected to be 500 times longer than conventional batteries.

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