These days if you want to live within a cheap cab fare of a metropolitan area, chances are, you won’t have a lot of space. Inner-city and urban living has a smorgasbord of tempting benefits, but space is rarely one of them.

If you live in a tiny place and are desperate for some extra room, we’ve got five tips to help you store your stuff.

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1. Use the Space under Your Bed

If you’re buying a new bed, be sure to get one with plenty of room underneath for extra storage, then purchase rollaway boxes for storing things like shoes, exercise gear, blankets, books or winter clothes that you’ve packed away for summer.

2. Go Vertical

Hang pots and pans from a rack attached to the ceiling or simply attach hooks to the walls to hang your kitchen essentials.

Get a tall bookshelf and place fancy archive boxes on top to store extra bed linen and towels.

Utilise the space above your head and clear up floor space and surface areas.

3. Be Organised

If you don’t have the space to store unnecessary items then you must ditch anything superfluous immediately.

Installing shelves and storing bulky items on them can save on floorspace.

Old magazines, mail, newspapers, shoes you’ve been meaning to get fixed for three years, the ab roller you used once and the popcorn maker your colleagues bought you for your birthday. Ditch it all.

If you live in a small apartment you can’t afford to waste space on items that rarely, if ever get used.

4. Opt for Multi-Purpose Furniture

If you buy new furniture, make it multi-functional.

For example a box-like coffee table or ottoman that also has storage inside. Collapsable tables are really useful too because you can use them at half size for everyday life and then expand them for when you have guests. You can also get couches that have bookshelves built into the arm rests.

5. Look for Unexpected Solutions

The secret to creating space in a small apartment is to only invest in smart furniture, keep your possessions to a minimum and look for unexpected storage solutions.

Also don’t forget about interior design magic – light coloured furnishings and mirrors will create a beautiful illusion of space.

Here are a couple of out-of-the-box ideas:

  • Hang a flat plastic organiser on the back of the bathroom door and you’ve got the perfect storage solution for bathroom products and appliances that won’t fit inside your bathroom cupboards.
  • Hang your bike high on a wall mounted rack and have it double has an art installation

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Author: Carly Jacobs