Electric Folding Bike ― GI FlyBike

Developed by an Argentine star-up, GI FlyBike can be folded within just 1 second! With 3 electric assistance speeds, it can go 40 miles with one charge, with all features controlled by the bike’s app. Major features include GPS tracking system, synchronization with phone for navigation, automatic lock, front and back smart lights, smartphone charger. At a mere 37 lbs and with its foldability, this electric bike is easy to carry around and perfect for travellers who enjoy the nature.


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The Anti-Theft Backpack – Bobby

There are 400,000 incidents of pickpocket happening every day worldwide. Made of cut and water proof material, this anti-theft backpack safeguards your belongings with its hidden zipper closures and is equipped with secret pockets for your train pass, an integrated USB charging port, illuminating safety strips and luggage strap.


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Floatation Wrist Band – Kingii

Even if you are an excellent swimmer, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even if you prepared well, who can predict what will happen in the sea? Characterised by its lightweight, this flotation device can be wore around your wrist like a watch. Simply pull the lever when needed and the inflation bag will pop out and pull you back to the surface.

Beach Vault Secure Storage

You want to take a nap at the beach but are worried that someone might steal your stuff? Completed with a beach towel and pillow, just drill the vault into the sand, cover it with the beach towel and pillow, and sleep on it! The vault is designed to store items that range from keys and wallets and to larger items like iPad.

Easybreath Surface Snorkeling Mask by Tribord

With a full 180-degree field of vision, this surface snorkelling mask allows you to breath naturally through your nose and mouth like you are on dry land and without fogging up, and can prevent water entry when submerged. Even if you are not a very good swimmer, no worries, you can still explore the underwater world to the fullest.

RFID Safe Wallet – Ögon Smart Wallets

The RFID safe wallet is made with aluminium which can act as a faraday cage to stop magnetic waves and protect your debit and credit cards against demagnetisation and prevent scanning credit card thefts. So have fun on your vacation without worrying about your wallet!

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