Everybody comes across moving homes once or twice in a lifetime. There are many ways to make this transition smooth, but we find that most people struggle with the very basic – transporting their belongings. Telling from experience, here are four easy tips for moving which may come in handy when you are on your way.

Use moving boxes smartly

Stuffing everything randomly into moving boxes is what most people do when they pack, and most of the time, end up with a chunk of moving boxes and a bunch of handle bags lying on the empty floor. This is an awful mistake because many moving companies in the market charge not only by the weight, but also the number of your belongings. Which means the more boxes and packages you have, the pricier the move. So learn to fill up all the awkward spaces and make sure it’s tightly-packed. Large items always come first, and then fill up all the empty spaces in between with a pillow or something soft. Soft materials can also help protect fragile items. Also, it’s always good to pack your boxes according to rooms.

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Pare down your stuff

Instead of packing all your belongings, chuck some of them. Moving is a perfect time for purging your possessions. Keep only the necessities and your most valuables and donate the rest. Throwing away stuff can be the hardest part of a move, but doing it makes your move a lot easier. Remember, only when you let go of the old can you embrace the new.

Pick a reliable mover

To do that, you better go to your friends and families for referrals. Also, don’t underestimate online research. Look into the comments and get to know which movers you should avoid hiring, and do comparisons. For example, some movers in Hong Kong have trucks that are equipped with hangers for large clothes and some don’t; some provide wrapping services for large furniture and some don’t. Choose the most suitable movers accordingly.

Don’t forget the little things

A move is not completed without unpacking, but for many this is the most dreadful part. You don’t want to open a box to see the smallest things such as earrings or buttons all over the place, or cords woven together. To avoid that, remember to box up little items neatly in a container or even an egg carton, and seal it nicely. Also, don’t forget to take photos of the cords behind your electronics before detaching them. You’ll soon see it as carelessness when you try to put them all together again.

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