Other than the usual breakfast/dim sum and trip to the playground with your kids, let’s do something different this weekend that is great fun for everyone.


After spending 5 days indoors at school or in the office, a change of scenery should definitely be refreshing. Though mostly covered by skyscrapers, Hong Kong has plenty of hiking trails that are worth a try as a family entertainment for the weekend.

The Peak
For those who don’t like the steep inclines of the usual trails, try the Central Green Trail, which starts at the Peak Tramway and finishes at the junction of Chatham Path and Barker Road. The hike is around 30 to 45 minutes and offers fantastic views of Victoria Harbour.

Dragon’s Back Ridge
Perfect for beginners, Dragon’s Back Ridge is the easiest and most popular hike with an incredible view. Simply take the MTR to Chai Wan and you can start from Cape Collinson Catholic Cemetery. The entire trail takes around 2.5 hours to complete and when you reach the end of the trail, you can either take a bus back to a MTR station or head to Shek O for some food and a walk by the beach.

Lamma Island
With distinctive villages and beautiful beaches, the island is not accessible by car and a network of trails has been paved for residents and visitors to get around. You can choose to start from either Yung Shue Wan or Sok Kwu Wan and the hike should be around 1.5 hours between these two points.

Other Suggestions: MacLehose Trail, Lantau Peak, Lion Rock

This will be an educational experience for all. From ploughing to irrigation, gaining an understanding of how crops such as vegetables and fruits are grown, both kids and adults alike will increase their appreciation of nature and the hard labour of farmers. Additional benefits include the increase of sensory and hands-on learning with textures of animal furs, the dryness of hay and wetness of soil etc. Motor skills can also be boosted for kids as they utilize different farming tools to cultivate the plot. So let’s explore and discover with your kids at a farm visit.

Kids love it when they can get their hands messy with flour and dough. Allowing kids to get hands-on with real food can spark their interest in and appreciation of healthy eating. In addition, reading and following step-by-step instructions can boost their reading, math and comprehension skills. As for adults, the process can be meditative and stress relieving.

This indoor activity is often associated with bar and pubs, but there are actually darts venues called dojos that prohibit alcohol consumption. As a professional competitive sport, darts can benefit kids and adults alike in terms of
– Relieving stress
– Building teamwork and confidence
– Improving hand-eye coordination, social skills and concentration
– Strengthen strategic thinking and mathematical skills
– Utilising non-verbal skills
– Promoting relaxation
– Instilling a sense of self-control