Summer is on the way and I bet many of you will be going abroad for a nice long vacation. But as the standard check-in baggage allowance goes down, how much you bring and how you pack have become very crucial. But on the other hand, the advancement of technology has provided us with smart ways to enjoy our vacation with less hassle.

Pack Smartly

Going for a long vacation but got limited space?! Firstly, choose clothing that are light-weighted and not too bulky. Pack your clothing the military way to be organised, save space and cut down on the number of suitcases needed, plus save some big bucks on extra baggage!! For example, roll your socks together, wrap the end around the roll and place them in shoes. If you are planning to go on a fancy dinner or entertainment like opera, you need to have your dress shirt, you can keep the collar stiff by putting your belt inside. Additional hacks include storing loose cables and chargers in an old glasses case and putting a plastic wrap over the opening over your lotion, cleanser and shampoo bottles to prevent leaking.
Source: Youtube

Use Map Offline

Go to the area you want to in the Google Maps app, then simply type in ‘ok maps’ in the search box, press ‘search’ and you can save the map for offline use.

Charger for Your Devices

Don’t want to bring too many wall plugs? Or simply forgot to bring them? If your devices use a USB cable, you can just charge them through the USB slot on the hotel TV. And another idea is to bring a power strip if you are travelling in a large group because most hotel rooms have only maybe 2-3 wall plugs available for your use.

Outsmart Online Booking

A lot of travel websites have different language versions and practise regional pricing, meaning the price of ticket and hotel will be lower in countries with a lower standard of living or can vary from country to country based on pricing strategy. So what you should do is to check different language versions of the travel websites and compare prices. Another thing to remember is to clear your search history and cookies or switch to private browsing when you are checking out prices because these websites keep track of your browsing history, so if you don’t make a booking right away, prices may very well go up on your next visit.