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Residential Winners

Pi Concept Design Company Ltd

2018-Pi Concept Design Company Ltd

The Wings, located at 9 Tin Yin Street, Tung Kwan O, New Territories, which was developed by Sun Hung Kai and MTR. For this project, as the client needs to use wheel chair and there were two steps at the entrance, which is very inconvenience for wheelchair user. Pi Concept design team has redesigned the whole area with simple luxurious style and created a non-obstacles living environment: an elegantly ceiling design at the master bedroom for the installation of wheel chair changing system and a extraordinary marble ramp design at the entrance area. Pi Concept designer has chosen to use white as the main theme color, wooden veneer and wallpaper as the main decorations elements, together with some uneven pattern with steel at the entrance wall and the wardrobe door, which has created a modern contemporary, simple and luxurious living environment.