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Residential Winners

Cameron Interiors Limited

2018-Cameron Interiors Limited

Featuring a vast expanse of warm wooden material, the owner of this apartment turned to us to create a welcoming home that is sleek and sophisticated. A largely neutral-coloured design scheme is given a modern touch by the contemporary materials including steel and mirrored glass. The design team paid careful attention to the requirements of this small family, who were keen to create a home that was at once grand and opulent, et also warm and inviting for his daughters. The main living and dining room is sophisticated without being cold. Decked out almost entirely in blonde wood paneling on the walls, the open-plan area makes the most of every single square inch of available floor space, resulting in a bright and breezy room. The man of the house possesses a large collection of photography and trophies that he’s amassed over the years, and as such he wanted plenty of display space where he could proudly showcase his many awards and favourite pictures. In order to achieve their goals, the team focused on introducing a largely neutral-coloured design scheme that is rich in warm wooden undertones, which have been given a modern edge thanks to the addition of contemporary materials including steel and mirrored glass. And while each of the rooms embody their own personality, the space has been tied together by incorporating a vast expanse of pale wood flooring, creating a sense of unity. In the dinning area, a small but perfectly functional teak table is flanked by Eames-style chairs, illuminated by an unusually angled wooden chandelier. A simple beige leather sofa and matching ottoman sit elegantly to one side, nestled in front a movable slatted partition that discretely hides additional storage space. Featuring several irregularly angled windows on the far side of the room, the design team suspending matching blinds that keep out the sun and add a sense of character.