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Squarefoot eMagazine 245 @hk_squarefoot squarefoot 香港房地產物業指南 Get organised with designer office accessories that look great on your desk at home 由名師設計的辦公室用品,不單讓你家中的桌面有條不紊, 還增添時尚美感 kikki.K: My Series Launched last month, My Series Bills Organiser is the latest in stationery products by Swedish entrepreneur Kristina Karlsson—otherwise known as kikki-k. True to the brand’s philosophy of providing beautiful and meaningful things for everyday use, My Series features a bold type face adorning its binders for storing all those important documents scattered around the home. With inserts and tabs included in the soft pastel coloured collection, the stationery inspires tranquility and order. Two new stores in Prince’s Building and Cityplaza opened in May to join existing shops in Harbour City and Times Square. Normann Copenhagen: Nic Nac Keep office clutter at bay with Nic Nac, designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen for Normann Copenhagen. A series of five different sized containers that can fit together like a Russian doll, Nic Nac are essentially open baskets ideal for keeping small things like staplers and notepads close at hand. The material is robust steel that is tempered by a chic pattern of holes to give it lightness and poetry. Nic Nac is available in white, black, limelight, powder blue, blue green, light pink and dark red—get a set to match your décor, or mix and match to colour code each organiser. kikki.K: My Series文件夾 上月開始在kikki.K發售的My Series Bills Organiser文件 夾是瑞典企業家Kristina Karlsson的最新文具產品。設計 貫徹品牌理念, 即為顧客提供漂亮又富意義的日常 用品。My Series文件夾的封脊上印有奪目的文字,並備有 多個粉色的活頁套及目錄,讓你可分門別類歸納好分散全 屋的文件。除了位於海港城及時代廣場的店舖外,五月份 品牌位於太子大廈和太古城的分店會投入服務。 Normann Copenhagen: Nic Nac桌面收納盒 由Nicholai Wiig Hansen為Normann Copenhagen設計的 Nic Nac桌面收納盒,可以讓你的辦公桌更井然有序。一 套五件的收納盒,大小俱備,可如俄羅斯娃娃般疊在一 起。基本上,Nic Nac就如儲物籃,可容納釘書機、記事 本等小型文具,方便使用。收納盒以堅固的鋼材製造,滿 佈圓孔,令盒子看來更輕巧,備有白、黑、淺黃、粉藍、 粉綠、粉紅及紅色供選擇,可以配襯你的家居裝淇,甚至 可以按色調互相配搭。 | 49

Squarefoot eMagazine 245
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