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Squarefoot eMagazine 197 SA:Saleable Area GFA: Gross Floor Area $38.5M Century Tower SA:1880ft / GFA:2565ft Open View, 3 Brs, Shuttle Bus $43M $25M Tregunter Tower SA:2330ft / GFA:3052ft Full club facilities with big balcony, cp Starcrest SA:912ft / GFA:1158ft city view, convenient close to Admiralty $56M Dynasty Court SA:1806ft / GFA:2266ft 4 brs, harbour view club house, cp $70M Estoril Court SA:2888ft / GFA:3347ft 4 brs with balcony good layout Regent on the Park SA:2187ft / GFA:2720ft Face H.K. Park, nice deco $100K incl Tavistock II SA:1236ft / GFA:1655ft 3 brs, green view, club, cp $80K Tregunter Tower SA:1547ft / GFA:2020ft Green Mountain view, 3 brs, club, cp $72K incl Garden Terrace 3 SA:2822ft / GFA:3307ft 4 ensuite, split level with huge balcony $140K incl Dynasty Duplex SA:3623ft / GFA:4560ft Duplex with roof garden 2500 s.f. $270K incl $105M Grenville House SA:3335ft / GFA:3700ft 4 brs, nice deco, good layout open view $39.5M Glory Mansion Sole Agent SA:1880ft / GFA:2200ft 2 ensuite brs, stylish deco, big balcony $40M $23.5M Bowen Road SA:1461ft / GFA:1700ft Lowrise with open view nice deco $29.8M $26M $69M Dynasty Court SA:1522ft / GFA:1970ft Harbour view, good condition, ccp $80K Park Mansion SA:1723ft / GFA:2013ft 4 brs, good layout $68K Fairlane Tower SA:2159ft / GFA:2830ft 4 brs, 2 ensuites, club house, higher floor $120K Convention Plaza SA:1394ft / GFA:1772ft 3 brs, new deco, cp, balcony $79K incl Lowrise Unit SA:1400ft / GFA:1700ft 3 brs, with huge balcony & master bedroom $50K incl Harbour view SA:1971ft / GFA:2350ft 4 brs, seaview, good layout $130K Starcrest SA:821ft / GFA:1032ft 2 brs, proximity to Admiralty $48K incl May Tower SA:2278ft / GFA:2850ft Duplex unit with shuttle bus cp Birchwood Place SA:1539ft / GFA:2018ft 4 brs, newly deco, club house, cp The Royal Court SA:1107ft / GFA:1428ft 3 brs, central sea view nice deco, hi floor Hillsborough Court SA:1104ft / GFA:1385ft 3 brs, mountain view, club house, cp 2858 1083 2522 8032 2834 3298 $7.8M $17.8M $6.58M $5.38M One Wan Chai SA:319ft GFA:416ft Studio, Newly + Key $20K One Wan Chai SA:848ft GFA:1176ft 3 Rooms+High Floor $50K The Zenith SA:520ft GFA:650ft Fully Furnished, Vacant $23K The Zenith SA:658ft GFA:866ft Three Rooms, Vacant, Quiet $32K J Residence SA:608ft GFA:826ft Near Admiralty Sky Club House $42K York Place SA:684ft GFA:981ft High Floor, Key, Seaview $41K Star Crest SA:821ft GFA:1032ft Quiet, Soho, Star Street $45K Southorn Garden SA:426ft GFA:548ft Near MTR Station, 2 Rooms, Key $15K Linda Yuen 9210 4344 (EA licence: S-363819) Mary Woo 9087 1559 (EA licence: E-338251) Lok Moon Building SA:408ft/GFA:523ft High Floor, 2 Room Near Admiralty $7.3M Andy Chan 6538 1980 (EA licence: S-299188) Welcome Mansion SA:1018ft/GFA:1380ft Paterson Street, 3 Bedroom Rare, Convenient $11M Ming Siu 9046 9081 (EA licence: S-206802) Sun Ho Court SA:254ft/GFA:416ft Hong Kong Stadium Views Causeway Bay, Key $4M Rolan Szeto 6189 8881 (EA licence: S-201966) Chee On Mansion SA:465ft/GFA:550ft Near World Trade 2 Room, High Floor $6.9M Alex Fung 9832 6412 (EA licence: S-269108) Brillant Court SA:385ft/GFA:522ft Quiet High Floor Near Hopewell Center $7.1M Herrison Tsang 6808 2451 (EA licence: S-299650) J Residence SA:350ft/GFA:449ft Near Admiralty High ceiling + Club House $6.8M Gary So 6313 0001 (EA licence: S-192466) Lok Sing Building SA:390ft / GFA:475ft Near Victoria Park, 2 Bedroom, High Floor Brian Lim 6116 6056 (EA licence: E-275193) The Zenith SA:489ft/ GFA:662ft Two Rooms, Club House Quiet, Rare Andy Chan 6538 1980 (EA licence: S-299188) Tha Oakhill SA:875ft / GFA:1161ft Mountain, Quiet High Floor, Rare Dicky Yuen 6120 1116 (EA licence: S-042532) The Grandeur SA:391ft / GFA:658ft Key, High Floor, Causesway Bay Herrison Tsang 6808 2451 (EA licence: S-299650) The saleable areas of the units as stated in the advertisement herein were previously obtained from the Rating and Valuation Department except the one with (*) which were obtained from the agreement for sale and purchase of the first assignment of the property. They do not represent the existing saleable area of the property. Our company has not taken any steps to verify if the figure represents the existing saleable area of the property. Furthermore, the saleable area obtained from the Rating and Valuation Department may differ from the agreement for sale and purchase of the first assignment of the property. No warranty for accuracy is given or implied by us. Interested parties ahould rely on their own inspection and verification and should satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the particulars and the existing saleable area of the subject property. This advertisment is used for the sale of second-hand residential properties only, not for the sale of any first-hand residential properties.

Squarefoot eMagazine 197
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