Design for AllContext is the principle that underpins LLS Design & Associates’ mission, one that led the studio to provide high quality architectural and interior design services. Coupled with a philosophy rooted in comprehensive communication, LLS Design helps clients realise their deal blueprints and LLS to focus on space enhancement and maximising storage. Both statements serve to remind the studio, at all times, the direction of its work and design for the final user, and of ways to educate the next generation.

In the vein of service to society, LLS is keenly aware that not everyone has the good fortune to enjoy the vision of a designer, and so this year LLS steps up, with partners Square Foot and ORBIS, to coordinate a charity programme: “Click to Donate.” It is the studio’s wish that more and more people be able to contribute to a colourful, diverse, bright future through the event. “We are the group of lucky people that able to see all things that we want. However, this is not inevitable.” A few clicks of the mouse, a few dollars and even fewer minutes might just make the inevitable happen for someone who needs it.

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